Boris Johnson could pull England out of the World Cup for political reasons involving Russia

England could pull out of the World Cup if there is a proven link between Russia and the recent poisoning attempt of a former spy, secretary of state for foreign affairs, Boris Johnson said.

The 66-year-old spy named Sergei Skripal and his daughter were exposed to what police said was an unknown substance in the English city of Salisbury as both are still critically ill in intensive care.

Johnson told the British parliament: “es that we can lay at Russia’s door.”
“It is clear that Russia, I’m afraid, is now in many respects a malign and disruptive force, and the UK is in the lead across the world in trying to counteract that activity.
“I think it will be difficult to see how UK representation at the World Cup (in Russia) can go ahead.”

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Johnson said that if Moscow was proven to be behind Skripal’s illness, England would be withdrawn from the 2018 World Cup Russia in the summer.
England have been grouped alongside Belgium, Panama and Tunisia and it would be disastrous if they do not participate in at the showpiece at the eastern European nation.

The Three Lions’ dreams of fielding a young squad for the World Cup could be in tatters if politics comes into the way of Gareth Southgate’s men.


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