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Lagos Big Boy Brags About Sleeping With 22 Girls This Year

Lagos Big Boy

Lagos big boy

A rich Lagosian who possesses a G-Wagon car and lives at the highbrow Ikoyi region in the monetary center point of Nigeria uncovers that it is so natural to win the hearts of women as of late. The person opened up on how he has laid down with around 22 young ladies this year 2017. As indicated by him, women spread their legs effortlessly because of the extent of his financial balance. In his letter to a relationship counselor, Joro Olumofin, he is looking for a woman that is difficult to get. This has pulled in horrible assaults from ladies on the blog.

Read his full story below:

“Bro Joro, Big ups. I enjoy reading your posts. Some stories apply to me. I want to ask a question bro. Why are 9ja girls so easy. I await to the comments that will say “disease fall on you”, “you’re stupid,” “you’re immature”. Am I really the one to blame? Bro these girls ehn. When they see my car or visit my place. They tear pant like their pant is on fire. Some girls even come to my place and they don’t want to leave all because of comfort, wifi and money. I want to ask something. I have slept with 22 girls this year. I’m not even trying I tell you. but where can I meet a lady who is a challenge? I tried your page. They gave me tough time because my Instagram handle was flashy. But I started sending recharge cards, and I gave some money for the weekend. Next thing they agreed to see me. When we meet joro, you already know what happened. This is annoying me. When I see brides dancing on IG I’m so disgusted. I wonder how many guys like me have finished their vagin-. Okay joro, before I bore you. I’m looking for a who is hard to get and not open her legs at the sight of G wagon o house in ikoyi.”

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