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No sense of humour? Actor Uche Maduagwu criticizes Kemi Adetiba for making a funny post about her boxer ‘crush’, Anthony Joshua


It appears Uche Maduagwu doesn’t realize that the banter Kemi Adetiba has been sharing on social media about her crush – Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, is a joke and nothing more.

Adetiba in a post on her Instagram page today, made reference to Anthony’s statement that he doesn’t have time for women for the next 10 years.

The movie director said that the boxer wants to be the best fighter in the world but doesn’t have time to fight for her heart.

“He wants to be the best fighter in the world but if its to fight for my heart now, he will tell me to wait 10 years” Kemi wrote

Everyone understood it was banter, but the controversial actor waded in, criticizing her for ’embrassing Nigerian women’. According to Uche Maduagwu, Kemi Adetiba was begging for Anthony’s hand in marriage and this was supposed to be the other way round. Lol. This man sef.

He first wrote “@Kemi Adetiba, stop embarrassing Nigerian women, let’s respect our culture. A man should ask for your hand in marriage, not you begging’

He further said;

All the Nigerian women begging @anthony_joshua for marriage are irresponsible… Some women are such a disgrace to other women, how can a grown up woman be begging a man to come and marry her on social #media?

Don’t you all have shame? Just because he is a boxing #champion, you all want him to come and #marry you by fire and by force, are you all possessed?

The same women begging @anthony_joshua to marry them are also the same set of irresponsible women that have broken the heart of innocent and hardworking men in Nigeria.


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