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Reason Why Popular Yoruba Actress Ifeoluwa Olawale Rejected Comic Actor ‘Ijebu’ Proposal

Nollywood actress, Ifeoluwa Olawale was once rumoured to be in a romance with actor, Tayo Amokade, a.k.a Ijebu, but now she says that never happened.

However, Olawale did say the actor, whom she notes helped her greatly in the industry, had tried proposing to her once but she turned him down.

‘I got into the industry through Kemi Korede before I later met Ijebu. And I informed him then that I wanted to join his caucus and he never denied me the privilege to join.

‘Through him, I started going to locations. He later advised me to produce a movie that it would help my career which I did and that’s how I became a producer also.

‘He proposed to me when I was a fresher and I rejected the proposal because I don’t like dating my boss or keeping a relationship with anyone in the industry.

She went on to link turning him down to how her parents did not want her to be an actress and their impression of the industry.

‘The reason is that my parents never wanted me to act. Because of the impression they have about actors. They believe that we always mess around, especially with one another and I promised to be exceptional.

‘I like him for his kind of person and his creativity but I cannot date him,’ she concluded.

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