Topic: Reasons to make college free of charge

Description: Learn the reasons to make college free of charge and affordable for everyone


Should colleges be free and affordable?

Many high school graduates dream of entering a college and finishing it with a degree, but, unfortunately, only some of them can do that. It goes without saying that far not every student has excellent marks or is capable of winning a scholarship or grant to cover the cost of education. Another problem is a lack of money to pay the tuition fee for several years or inability to take them into debt. Consequently, such circumstance prevents many young people from getting educated and they as well as many other young people wish colleges could be absolutely free. In addition, there are reasonable reasons for that.


  1. A student loan debt rises every year and soon will reach $1.5 trillion

Not all people are able to give back the money they have taken for education quickly so their debts last for years as the average American citizen returns his debt only by 36 years.

  1. The federal grants cover only about 30% of the average cost of going to a 4-year college

Other 70% of students should look for thousands of dollars to cover their tuition fee.

  1. The number of students who wish to get a degree rises with every year

Students desire to achieve success in their career and a college degree plays an important role in that. Moreover, a college education provides the necessary knowledge and improves important skills. For example, academic paper writing is important for building a successful career and developing better communication skills as you will never get that valuable experience looking only through writing tips available on the Internet.

  1. As people with a degree earn more they increase their portion of the country’s income

If a college education is free, more young people will show a desire to enter educational establishments and find better jobs then.

  1. The country workforce will be more educated and make its contribution to the faster development of the country economy

A more educated workforce will make the state economy grow and provide people with a better life level.

  1. People will get out of debts and become a happier nation

Hundreds of thousands of people will cease being nervous as they get rid of money debts caused by education.

  1. The quality of education will increase as students will focus on studying more than on the issues where to look for money to pay for tuition

Being forced to earn money many students have little time for completing assignments and look for writing help like Turning to writing service they never get that valuable experience and knowledge they could acquire. If young people get more time for studying and do not need to think how to earn more, the quality of education will improve.

  1. The gap between prosperous families and low-income ones will decrease

Today, wealthy people can give their children a better education in the world-wide renowned colleges and universities, so these young people are more likely to get a well-paid position in future. People with little income do not have such an opportunity and only a minority can achieve heights.

  1. All the students will have equal rights to get higher education

Modern world provides people with money with an absolutely different life experience. The population of each country is divided into classes as an upper-class youth has much more chances to become successful in life than middle or lower-class one. Free education will make everyone equal in their chances to reach heights.

  1. Students will have more money for better study materials, nutrition and leisure activities

Money saved by students for paying tuition fee will be spent for many other things. Young people will be able not to work so hard and devote time to studying. Moreover, they will afford better nutrition, clothes, study materials and quality rest to make the most of student life.

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