UK NollyComedy Show – #ComeJokeWithMe. London. 23rd September 2017

The best of UK Nollycomedy and UK Nollywood have come together to present a comedy night of
entertainment and excitement. HetoGrow Capital have partnered with NEA and BEFFTA award winner (2015 &
2016 Best UK Comedian) Mr Akpos Ogagbe aka AkposUK of Akpos Media; and UK Nollywood – BEFFTA and
Head2Head award winner (2015 & 2016 Best Nollywood UK Actor) Mr Nonso Nwaiwu of Sererem
Entertainment, to present the AkposUK & Sererem Comedy Show – #ComeJokewithMe, where Nollywood
meets NollyComedy.

Our Strategic Objectives

This is the first of its kind show billed to be a pleasant night to remember. The show aims to be different by

1) Creating a platform to showcase UK Afrocomedy and other UK Afrocentric talents in Arts and
The aim is to create opportunities for UK aspiring Afrotainment actors, comedians, artists, filmmakers and
other interested parties where Nollywood meets Nollycomedy, showcase African cinematic and cultural
experiences that inspire and promote pure African stories told by Africans and other interested parties.

2) Highlight and attempt to correct some of the social ills in our community, show our youths a better pathway
and hopefully change their philosophy for good. And refocus their energy, drive and ambitions. Additionally,
health issues like leukaemia (cancer of the blood) within ethnic communities in the UK will be highlighted. We
are partnering with UK charities that are committed to these causes. This year we are partnering with:

a) The African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust (ACLT) – London based blood cancer charity “committed to helping
provide hope to patients living with blood cancer and other illnesses where a matched donor (stem cell, blood
or organ) is required to save a life”. ACLT’s underlying ethos is “to educate communities across the UK by
raising awareness about stem cell, blood and organ donation”.

b) The Damilola Taylor Trust (DTT) is a charity based in South London “committed to providing inner-city
youths with opportunities to play, learn and live their lives free of fear and violence, and with optimism for a
future where opportunities flourish”. The DTT’s aim is to “restore the hope, optimism and self-esteem of
youths” so they can have lofty aspirations and work to attain their innate potentials.
Additional information about our partnership is available on the #comejokewithme webpage

The show is billed to be one to remember featuring Akposuk, Nonso Nwaiwu, Don Nice, Lateef Lovejoy, Pastor
Zino, Wale Gates, Emeka Smith, MC Abbey; with a surprise guest appearance by a Nigerian superstar
comedian. Afrobeats music live performance by Radical77, Vera Tunes and DJ Onomski. Other comedians and
Nollywood actors will be there including MC Mark, Neil Kings, Victoria Inyama, Nelson Spyknollywood + many

This show promises to thrill and engage the audience on a night of rib cracking laughter whilst delivering some
of the best jokes and acts in the UK comedy circuit. The event aims to be different and unique to the theme.
And will feature raffle draws for HetoGrow solar power banks. The first draw will be held especially for free
tickets to be issued to early arrivals; limited to the first 100 guests checked into the show.

Additional information

Ticket hotlines: 07943534921/ 07506 563779 / 07794 288054 / 0207 993 5460

Online ticket links: comejokewithme.eventbrite.co.uk OR sererem.shoobs.com OR peektickets.com
OR showbiz.hetogrowshop.com – also enjoy some skits & live performance videos by some of the acts.

Event Date: Saturday 23rd September 2017 | Time: 5pm – 10pm

Venue: The Open Door, 25 Church Road, Crystal Palace. London. SE19 2TE

Event Video Promo: TV advert and other promotional videos and skits are available on the #ComeJokeWithMe

Webpage – http://showbiz.hetogrowshop.com

Note to the Editor:
1. We are open to corporate sponsorship deals to promote products and services. Please contact us from the
website or above numbers
2. Subsequent press release to follow
3. Information about subsequent shows will be provided in due course.

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