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VIDEO: Nigerian father drags son in-law away from his daughter on their wedding day

A Nigerian father created a funny scene during his daughter’s wedding when he ‘attacked’ his son-in-law for ‘daring’ to carry out a wedding tradition. There is no doubt indeed that Nigerians are fun-loving people; thus making Nigerian weddings super fun to attend, with lots of side attractions. A Nigerian father caused a stir during his daughter’s wedding recently, when he charged towards his son-in-law while he was carrying out a rather ‘important’ task. The groom was performing the ‘remove the garter’, when his father-in-law quickly grabbed him by the feet, dragging him out from under his daughter’s wedding dress.

The crowd found it especially funny as some of the men ran to the confused father, while the groom jumped up in excitement with the garter hanging from his mouth.

See the funny video below:


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